King Arthur and his Knights

By October 18, 2017Spamalot

spamalot King Arthur + 4 Knights final-0538

Photo courtesy John Dumble

Sheila Oliver – Sir Bedivere

THE SECRET STORY OF CINDERELLA AND HER FABULOUSLY FASHIONABLE FOOT WEAR [Harvest Rain] at QPAC in 2010 was Sheila’s first production after a 25 year hiatus.  She played the Queen, Prince Charming’s rather dotty mother!

PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK [Brisbane Arts] directed by Carol Burns followed.

In July 2016 Agatha Christie called so a brief interlude in Melbourne ensued! AND THEN THERE WERE NONE [Malvern Theatre Company]

ALICE IN WONDERLAND [Little Seed & Coolum Theatre], CINDERELLA [Noosa Arts], NIGHT MUST FALL & DECKCHAIRS [BATS] are just the beginning of theatrical life on the coast for this old chook!