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Reminder: Our AGM is next week!

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Our Annual General Meeting will take place at 7.30pm on Wednesday, September 9 at Coolum Civic Centre.  If you are interested in joining the CTP committee in any capacity, please download, fully complete and sign the AGM Nomination form and ensure it reaches a committee member no later than close of business Friday, September 4.  Forms may be scanned and emailed direct to or handed in at rehearsals this week at Coolum Civic Centre: Monday Aug 31 at 7.30pm or Wednesday, 3 September, at 6.30pm.

Please note that the timeframe for nominations has been extended on this occasion owing to Covid19 restrictions.

If you wish to vote at the AGM but cannot be present at the meeting, you may send your proxy vote by another attendee. Download, fully complete and sign the AGM Proxy form and ensure that it is passed to a committee member before the start of the AGM. The regular September committee meeting will be held at 6.30pm immediately before the AGM.


Notice of AGM 2020

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Our Annual General Meeting will take place at Coolum Civic Centre of Wednesday, September 9, immediately following the conclusion of the 6.30pm CTP committee meeting.

Nomination forms are available for anyone wishing to join the CTP Committee and can be obtained in advance as well as at the AGM. All nominations must have a seconder from the committee.  All posts are up for re-election, and there is a vacancy for a Front of House co-ordinator. Please note that only members can vote at the AGM, although anyone can attend.

Please do consider joining the committee and playing a part in the future development and success of CTP. We would love to see fresh faces at the table and there is lots of scope for new committee members to develop or learn the skills of managing the behind-the-scenes activities of community theatre and contribute to the creative elements, including programming.

If you would like a nomination form in advance or have any questions about what it means to be a committee member, please email or send us a PM via our Facebook page.


Auditions for Xanadu!

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Auditions for Xanadu!


We’re very excited to announce that auditions for Xanadu are scheduled for the end of March at the Coolum Civic Centre, Park Street, Coolum Beach on Saturday 28th March at 1pm – 5pm (leads), and Monday 30th March, 7.30pm – 9.30pm (ensemble).

Here’s a brief rundown of the characters and other important info that you need to know.

Kira (Clio) – special requirement – must be confident on roller skates – she’s on them for 90% of the show
The youngest of Zeus’s daughters and the muses. Pretty, adventurous, honest and determined, she falls in love with Sonny.

Female    Age: 20 to 35   

Sonny Malone –  special requirement – must be able to roller skate (two scenes) but needs to act like he can’t
A self-critical and depressed mortal, Sonny’s a chalk artist who falls in love with Kira. Handsome, but not particularly smart, he embodies 1980s pop culture and is very much a California dreamer.

Male   Age: 20 to 40

Danny Maguire (Zeus)
The hard-nosed ‘all work and no play’ businessman who owns the theatre he once built for his love, who looked like Kira. Used to be a budding artist like Sonny, but has since let money and greed consume him.

Male   Age: 40 to 70         

Calliope (Aphrodite) – character actress with excellent comic timing. She’s a villain!
Kira’s older sister and fellow muse. She is jealous of Kira and plots with Melpomene, to bring about Kira’s downfall.

Female   Age: 35 to 50   

Melpomene (Medusa) Villain. Instigator of evil!
Kira’s oldest sister and mother of the Sirens. She is jealous that Kira is the leader of the muses and creates the plot for her downfall.

Female   Age: 40 to 60                           

Thalia – special requirement – must performs a solo tap dance in one scene
One of Kira’s older sisters and fellow muse.  Actor doublings include: Siren, Young Danny, Tubes Singer and Cyclops.

Male or Female  Age: 20 to 35   

One of Kira’s older sisters and fellow muse. Muse of music. Actor doublings include: Siren, Andrews Sister, and Thetis.

Female   Age: 25 to 40         

One of Kira’s older sisters and fellow muse.  As Eros, she is responsible for shooting Kira with the arrow of love containing Melpomene and Calliope’s spell. Actor doublings include: Siren, Andrews Sister, Eros, and Hera.

Female   Age: 25 to 45   

One of Kira’s older sisters and fellow muse. As Hermes, the messenger of the gods, is deeply masculine in voice but sassy and flippant in attitude. Actor doublings include: Siren, Tubes Singer, Hermes, and Centaur.

Male    Age: 25 to 45 

Six multi-talented dancer / singers / skaters, male or female to play Muses and Sirens

Any age, not all need to be able to skate

Looking forward to seeing you all!