Two new playwrights ‘One Act Plays’ get an airing

The rehearsed play readings of “Board Games” by Andrew Moon and “Tinder Surprise” by Sherelle Scott attracted approximately 50 people to the Coolum Civic Centre on Saturday evening, 10th June.  Cabaret seating set the scene with guests bringing their usual nibbles and drinks.  Both were very polished performances with all cast in costume, sceneries and props set in place, lighting and sound operational.  The only difference was that the cast had scripts in their hands!  The feedback has been very beneficial with some comments being:  “I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed both plays. They were certainly good enough, in my opinion, to be part of the NATs One Acts.”   In Board Games:  “Jokes were great, liked the humour throughout especially the twist at the end”.  Tinder Surprise:  “Thoroughly enjoyed the play, the characters, the storyline, humour.  Impressed with ‘Stella’ character”.

Overall:  There was overwhelming support for both plays.

  • “They were impressive”,
  • “Congrats to both writers – good scripts and characters”
  • “Look forward to seeing both plays in the future”