• Do I have to book tickets? And how can I book?

    Our shows regularly sell out so booking in advance will guarantee you a great seat – we’d hate for you to miss out.Tickets can be booked online or by Alternatively, phone or visit North Shore Realty:
    (07) 5446 2500 or 1792 David Low Way, Coolum Beach
  • I'm coming to see a show - what do I need to know / bring?

    Seating for the vast majority of our shows is tables of 8 (see here) – you’re encouraged to bring nibbles & drinks (wine glasses provided).
    Please be aware that we are unable to add any seats to tables (i.e. you can’t have a table of 9) nor can we move seats from table X to table Y.We have an absolute limit of 160 patrons per show as we have to comply with fire & safety regulations, as well as to ensure all guests have the best view possible.We’re BYO only – there are a couple of bottle shops within easy walking distance and some great restaurants for pre-show dining.
  • Where are the shows performed?

    Our shows are performed at the Coolum Civic Centre, Park Street, Coolum – click here for more information.
  • I / my child / my grandchild want to learn to act - can CTP help?

    We encourage new, and experienced, actors to audition for roles (check out our auditions here) and our directors will be able to coach you in stage craft and ensure you’re part of a great show.
    We don’t specifically run classes (for youth or adult) but if you’ve got children who are keen to learn there are several local acting schools.

  • I / my child / my grandchild don't want to act but would love to be involved - is this possible?

    We always need enthusiastic, talented people to help with our shows – if you can paint, sew, serve drinks or sing an aria then you’re welcome to join us.  If you can’t do any of those things then we’re happy to teach you – either way, fill in the contact form here and we’ll get in touch.

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