Diplomatic Relations

December auditions notice

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Open auditions for our first production of 2020 will be taking place at Coolum Civic Centre on Monday, December 9 and again on Wednesday, December 11 starting at 7.30pm.

Diplomatic Relations is a classic fast-paced farce set in the Australian Embassy in the Republic of Guaranguay, somewhere deep in South America…

The Ambassador is trying to organise a grand independence day reception for the local dignitaries, while her husband has an unexpected female visitor who can’t seem to find anything to wear. If he can find the $2m dollars he put in a safe place he’s off to start a new life with a passionate local femme fatale, that’s if she can fight off her persistent ex-lover, who also happens to be the Chief of Police. The last thing anyone needs is an official from Canberra investigating the embassy’s accounts and an anarchist planning to cause havoc – and that’s just the half of it!


Miranda Carruthers (Ambassador, in her 50’s)

Hamish Carruthers (Nominally the Trade Attaché. Feckless but charming husband to Miranda, 50’s)

Dorothy Huxtable (Calm, competent senior admin assistant to Miranda, 45 – 60)

Dennis Protheroe (Over-enthusiastic security officer, 50 – 60)

Col. Manuel Fegundez (Head of the Department of State Security – and the Secret Police (40 upwards)

Lisa Guinsor (Guaranguay Finance Ministry official – love interest to Hamish but still open to offers, 30 – 40’s)

Antonia Hadley (Brisk, efficient, has arrived from Canberra to inspect the accounts, 30 upwards)

Kimberley Phelps (Young and determined to rekindle her brief affair with Hamish, 20’s)

Henry Bourne (Gap-year student/ filing clerk, slightly bewildered, catches on fast, early 20’s)

Willhelmina ‘Willi’ Prinz (Anarchist in disguise and handy person, has a multi-functional tool belt, 30’s)