Save the date for our Xanadu info night – it’s ‘wheely exciting’!

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We’re holding an info night on Friday 6th March 6.30 – 7.30pm so that you can be among the first to hear about our next musical production, the cult ’80s musical Xanadu! Directed by Jesse Hana Ellison and Chris McMahon, our show dates are Friday, July 10, Saturday, July 11 at 7.30pm, Sunday, July 12 at 2pm, and Friday, July 17, Saturday, July 18 at 7.30pm and Sunday, July 19 at 2pm.

If you were in the cradle – or not even born – in the ’80s, here’s a quick rundown of the story …

Xanadu follows the journey of a magical and beautiful Greek muse, Kira, who descends from the heavens of Mount Olympus to Venice Beach, California in 1980 on a quest to inspire a struggling artist, Sonny, to achieve the greatest artistic creation of all time – the first ROLLER DISCO! (Hey, it’s 1980!) But, when the heavenly Kira falls in forbidden love with the mortal Sonny, her jealous sisters take advantage of the situation and chaos abounds.

This Tony Award-nominated, hilarious, roller skating musical adventure about following your dreams, rolls along to the original hit score composed by pop-rock legends, Jeff Lynne and John Farrar. Based on the Universal Pictures cult classic movie of the same title, with the screenplay by Richard Danus and Marc Rubel, and starring Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly, Xanadu is hilarity on wheels for all the family!

There are nine lead characters supported by an ensemble of a minimum of six. Please note that there is high-energy dancing and roller skating in this production – however, the age range is wide, so come along and find out more on March 6 at Coolum Civic Centre, Park Street Coolum, followed by a social catch up at the Coolum Beach Bowlo. Auditions will be held on Saturday, March 28 and Monday, March 30.

December auditions notice

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Open auditions for our first production of 2020 will be taking place at Coolum Civic Centre on Monday, December 9 and again on Wednesday, December 11 starting at 7.30pm.

Diplomatic Relations is a classic fast-paced farce set in the Australian Embassy in the Republic of Guaranguay, somewhere deep in South America…

The Ambassador is trying to organise a grand independence day reception for the local dignitaries, while her husband has an unexpected female visitor who can’t seem to find anything to wear. If he can find the $2m dollars he put in a safe place he’s off to start a new life with a passionate local femme fatale, that’s if she can fight off her persistent ex-lover, who also happens to be the Chief of Police. The last thing anyone needs is an official from Canberra investigating the embassy’s accounts and an anarchist planning to cause havoc – and that’s just the half of it!


“Chain Reaction” Auditions, Dec 4 & 7

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Our first show for 2018 “Chain Reaction” is being auditioned on Dec 4 & 7 @ 19:30.

“Estate agents are trustworthy, ethical, professional, business people and upstanding pillars of the community who have an immense amount to contribute to society.” So says Derek Figge of Cascara and Figge (moving the nation since 1927).

He will do almost anything to get a sale. No, wait a minute; he will do anything to get a sale. Lie, cheat, steal, de-fraud you name it. However, it is all about to come crashing down around his neck.

Estate agent’s “For Sale! Boards are going missing all over town but, strangely not Derek’s. The office gets burgled. Derek puts in an ambitious insurance claim. A disgruntled client decides to take the law into her own hands and takes Derek, his pregnant assistant and an off duty Policeman captive (albeit unintentionally) at the point of a loaded Baguette. In an effort to get Derek to tell the truth (for once) his assistant uses her newly found skills in hypnotism on him. Oh dear, oh dear! He’s in trouble now.

Who is Sid and will somebody shut that bloody alarm up?

There is no need to book a time (auditions are open) and also no need to have a prepared piece.


·         Derek Figge, Owner of Cascara and Figge – 50s

·         Jane Howarth, Derek’s assistant – 18-25

·         Janice Hollis, beleaguered client – 40s

·         DCI Kevin Goodwin, CID Officer – 50s

·         Sid: The mysterious Sid, 20-40s

·         Little Sid & Shane: both 16-20

For more information check our website or contact the director David Coleman on 0408 074768.