Sir Lancelot and Sir Robin

By October 13, 2017Spamalot

spamalot lancelot and robin



Liam Linane – Sir Lancelot

Liam has never performed on stage before but is truly relishing the chance to be able to get up and shine like the brilliant sun beam his mother always told him he was! Originally from Ballarat where he did all his schooling, Liam only moved to Coolum in February.  Seeing the Spamalot sign at the Coolum Bowls Club he decided to give auditions a shot.  The rest is history;  rise, Sir Lancelot.


Jesse Hana Ellison – Sir Robin the Brave (the not so brave at all!)

After completing years of study in dance, musical theatre, stand up comedy, stage and screen acting;  Jesse’s dream came true.  She was being paid to perform in pantomimes, comedies and musicals in and around Brisbane.  In 2008 she decided life wasn’t all about money, and she needed a sea change, so she moved to the Sunny Coast to be closer to her family.  Since joining her CTP family in 2009, she’s performed in “Cinderella”, “The Young Ones”, “Flying Feathers”, “The Great Pretenders Encore”, “Urinetown”, “Adrift in Macao”, “Sweet Charity”, “Stiff”, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, and most recently “Sylvia” a canine comedy. She has very bravely taken on the role of Sir Robin, the not so brave, and hopes you enjoy all the singin’, dancin’ & actin’, which happens (often, all at the same time)!