Putting the community in community theatre

By October 5, 2017Spamalot


How wonderful is community theatre being able to call on other community theatre groups for assistance, especially when it comes to costumes.  Both Nancy Moule (BATS) and Merryl Tierney (Caloundra Chorale) have loaned us minstrels costumes, tabards etc.  There are many, many costume changes as cast (ensemble) play multiple  roles as laker girls (cheer squad), and the Knights who say Ni.  Matthew Flinders Anglican College have been absolutely generous in loaning the lead costumes from their recent production along with some scenery and a myriad of props.  Jenny Gilcrist (wardrobe mistress) pictured,  is indebted to 2 new (experienced) sewing ladies, Sue Hull and Heather Marsh, who have come on board to assist with the tabards, knights costumes, trimmings, etc.  Jenny has sewn, stuffed and spray painted 12 fish.  The production crew support is fabulous for this production!