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September 2017

Heath Maltman awarded life membership

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At the 2017 AGM, Heath Maltman was awarded Life Membership to Coolum Theatre Players by the Committee for his outstanding dedication in the technical department, spanning 10 years.

2017 AGM - Heath

In 2007 CTP were desperate to find a lighting person for an upcoming production and this 30 year old greens keeper came on board with enthusiasm.  He has dabbled with lighting desks, follow spots, smoke machines, strobe lights, sound desks, microphones, miles of leads and cables to ensure the cast in 200 shows over this period have shone on stage.   Over the years we’ve upgraded our equipment and he’s diligently learnt all these new digital techniques!  It was now his turn to be in the spotlight, even if for one night – seen above with re-elected President David Coleman

Eden Tregear, Sunshine Coast Theatre Fest Youth $1,000 Bursary Recipient

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Eden Tregear, Sunshine Coast Theatre Fest Youth $1,000 Bursary Recipient

2017 AGM - Eden Award

Pictured here with CTP President David Coleman @ the 2017 AGM

Eden first discovered acting at the age of 10 with Little Seed Theatre Company, and a life-long passion was born.  Her first performance was Gracious, in “Goodness Gracious”.  She has since performed in lead and minor roles in productions of “Peter Pan”, “Grease the musical”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Fantasists”, “Alice Dreaming”, “Jungle Book”, and more.   “Even having a minor role means you can play around and turn it into whatever you want”, she said.

In Eden’s recent comedic performance, of “Australian Drama”,  for which she was awarded CTP’s $1,000 Youth Bursary by Adjudicator Lucas Stibbard, she played the role of Helena, a foreigner on exchange. The things she most enjoys about acting is the rewarding reactions from the audience and the feeling you get once you’ve successfully completed a play.  Whether you’re the wicked, cheeky fairy or a confused foreign tourist, she loves to play around with any character.

Eden intends to put the bursary towards furthering her education in drama – possibly a course or workshop.