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August 2017

Eden Tregear awarded CTPs’ $1,000 Youth Bursary

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Congratulations, Eden Tregear, on being awarded Coolum Theatre Players’ $1,000 Youth Bursary, by adjudicator, Lucas Stibbard, at the recent Sunshine Coast Theatre Fest.  Eden played the role of Helena, in Little Seed Theatre Company’s production, “Australian Drama”, a comedy directed by Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd.  A record number of 19 plays in the Primary and Secondary Sections were showcased at The Lind theatre over the weekend of 19th and 20th August.  So many awards, so much talent, made for some difficult decision-making for Lucas.  So impressed, and at his discretion, he awarded 38 Certificates of Distinction.  Congratulations to all the actors, some 320 in total and their directors, on an outstanding level of performances.

Coolum Theatre Players are especially proud of Eden, as she recently played the role of the wicked Fairy Bovver Boots in our school holiday production of “Beauty and the Beast” – photo attached, (wearing green).

Eden could not be present to receive her award, so Julia Loaney, on behalf of Coolum Theatre Players, presented the Bursary Award to the director.  Photo – Lucas, Julia, Ilsa, with Bendigo Bank’s Robert Chittick.

Other photo:  Organisers and major Sponsors with Adjudicator, Lucas Stibbard

Book to see “Tinder Surprise” on Saturday August 26th

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You need to grab your tickets for the Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival and come to see our entry, “Tinder Surprise” on Saturday August 26th, at The Lind between 1pm and 4pm timeslot.

This fabulous locally-written play by Sherelle Scott, directed by Linda Gefken has plenty of laughs with a few twists and turns.

There’s only ONE performance and it’s less than two weeks away.
Book now!