Meet the cast of “Tinder Surprise”

“Tinder Surprise” a One Act Play by new playwright Sherelle Scott, directed by Linda Gefken, has been cast!


Cast List

  • Stella:  Liz Bear – Lawyer. A sexy but stylish persona. Confident, bitchy but funny.
  • Meg:  Sarah Blaikie – Teacher. A conservative but fun demeanour. The matron of the group.
  • Pip:  Emma Morgan – Makeup Artist. (baby of the group). Not academically smart but quick witted enough to fit in.
  • Barb:  Lisa Blair – ‘Gold Digger’, wealth gained from marrying sugar daddies. She is good fun but oblivious to the world around her.
  • Chad:  Sean McBride – Personal Trainer. Confident but respectful. Has a tendency to talk like a walking motivational ad.
  • Kate:  Nikki Middleton – young Lawyer. Conservative, stylish. She is a confident introvert.
  • Harry:  Jacob Shannon – young Lawyer. Corporate, sex-on-a-stick type! Confident, respectful approach.

The Plot Synopsis:

A bunch of girlfriends that have known each other since high school get together once a month to go out for drinks. Life has taken some funny turns over the years and the girls, all aged now in their 50s, find themselves single and discovering love in crazy places.

Coolum Theatre Players are entering “Tinder Surprise” in the Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival, in the Open Section, 25-27 August at The Lind Theatre, Nambour. This year’s Adjudicator is Lucas Stibbard.