Meet Linda – our dog, husband and wife trainer (AKA director)

By February 25, 2017Sylvia

Linda Gefken – actress, musician, musical director and director extraordinaire!


Following the success of “The Addams Family” 2016, “Rocky Horror Picture Show” at the end of 2015, “Sweet Charity” 2014 and “Urinetown” in 2012, Linda has again taken up the challenge to direct, this time a full length play: a canine comedy by the name of “Sylvia”.

Linda has appeared on stage many times over the years, in comedies, farce, tragedy and review.  Her favourite roles were in “Necessary Targets” (a gritty story set in the refugee camps of the Serb/Croatian conflict), Noel Coward’s “Fallen Angels”, David Williamson’s “Cruise Control” at Noosa Arts and is currently rehearsing the role of the Widow Corney in “Oliver”, also at Noosa Arts.  Her first stage appearance with Coolum Theatre Players was in the small but pivotal role of Mrs Beaton in “STiFF” in 2015.

She enjoys working with the Coolum Theatre Players – “The committee is very supportive, and we have a very talented and committed membership.  The cast of “Sylvia” are amongst the best actors on the Sunshine Coast.”

“Presenting theatre in the Civic Centre is a challenge, it’s a huge hall with limited theatrical facilities but with creativity anything is possible.  And the cabaret style seating with byo snacks and drinks makes for a fabulous night out.”

Linda also works at St Andrew’s Anglican College as Choral Director and Vocal Tutor.