Meet Kate (AKA Kathryn, Kath)

By February 22, 2017Sylvia

Kathryn Rose (seated) – plays Kate, Greg’s wife, a school teacher

sylvia CTP_kitchen_5

When Kath joined Coolum Theatre Players in 2010, she realised she’d found her ‘tribe’.  She enjoys being a part of the theatre community, whether it’s performing on stage or helping backstage, to directing or helping with marketing, through to actually attending and supporting the many wonderful shows on offer on the Sunshine Coast.

In this relatively short period of time, Kath has pretended to be a wide variety of characters including a prostitute, Prince Charming’s Valet, a crooked 1920’s nightclub owner, Nancy Sinatra, Janet from “Rocky Horror”, the Queen Mother and even a suspected murderer as Mollie in Agatha Christie’s The “Mousetrap”.  Her acting skills will once again be challenged when the passionate dog-lover plays her antithesis, Kate, in CTPs comedy, “Sylvia”.