Meet the “Motherhood” Band

By October 24, 2016Motherhood The Musical

Ian Hislop


Ian’s inspiration to play guitar arose from listening to a rich mix of country, western and eastern styles; from the Monkees to Mantovani, and the Bonanza TV theme.
Too young to audition for Elvis and too old for the Sultans of Swing, instead he settled for gigs such as the opening of the Darwin Casino and the cruisy Rockin’ River Boat  on the Brisbane River.  Such experiences exposed him to a range of cool, talented but thoroughly disreputable musicians, many with underworld links, including beautiful but dangerous women!
Still mobile, he claims he is still trying to stay hip until he needs a hip replacement.


Shivaji Huttler


Shivaji, primarily a drum set player and percussionist,  is an individual who gives everything he has to whatever he is doing at the moment.  His heart and soul are poured into his music whenever he’s performing.  He’s a passionate musician whose goal is to touch something within the heart of his listeners.  Shivaji’s enthusiastic, artful, fun and uplifting style could be considered a combination of his varied influences, yet his playing is certainly unique. Since his teen-age years he has played with numerous bands that incorporated a variety of music styles.   This diversity is apparent and is reflected in his distinctive creative approach.