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May 2016

Addams Family – Evening shows very nearly sold out

By | Addams Family

Our latest show, “The Addams Family”, opens in just 3 hours and tickets are (nearly) sold out for everything except our matinee shows.  At 16:25 on May 20th (opening night):

  • Tonight – 12 tickets available
  • Sat 21st – SOLD OUT
  • Sun 22 – 48 tickets available
  • Fri 27 – 15 tickets available
  • Sat 28 – 4 tickets available
  • Sun 29 – 89 tickets available

Make sure you purchase your tickets in advance as tickets may not be available at the door.

And remember it’s a maximum of 8 people per table (we can’t move chairs from one table to another).

Book by clicking here

Are you the world’s greatest detective?

By | Auditions

Auditions for our August show, “Sherlock Holmes & the Case of the Stolen Suspender”, are just three weeks away and we’re looking for the world’s greatest detective, Dr Watson (his sidekick) and whole cast of characters to make this incredibly funny play come to life.

Set in Victorian England in 1895 our victim, Amelia Prude, seeks out London’s best known detective who might just have found a case worthy of his intellect.

Upon retiring to bed one night, Amelia disturbed a thief who managed to grab her prized possession, a jewel encrusted suspender, before making a hasty exit.

This, along with other recent jewel thefts, bears all the hallmarks of the evil villain Moriarty – but he was seen falling to his death at the Reichenbach Falls.  Did he survive the unsurvive’able?  Or has someone new taken over the role of the dastardly mastermind?

Join Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson as they travel across the country to discover just who has stolen the valuable garment!  Gasp as they battle snakes, Tasmanian devils and wicked nuns!  Marvel as the greatest detective ever seeks to vanquish his latest foe!

For full details, see our auditions page here or for more information contact the director, David Coleman, on 0408 074768.

‘The Addams Family’ selling fast

By | Addams Family

Our latest show, “The Addams Family”, opens in a fortnight and we recommend you book soon – nearly 2/3 of the tickets have already sold!

The Addams have lived by their unique values for hundreds of years and Gomez and Morticia, the patriarch and matriarch of the clan, would be only too happy to continue living that way.

But their dark, macabre, beloved daughter Wednesday, has grown up and found love. So what’s the problem? The young man, Lucas Beineke is from Ohio, and his parents are coming to dinner to meet the family. Two different worlds are about to collide.

Wednesday begs her family to act as ‘normal’ as possible. Like any unconditionally loving family, the Addams promise to do their best to oblige.

We have six performances for you to choose from:-

  • May  20, 21*, 27 & 28* @ 7:30pm
  • 22 & 29 May @ 2pm

*about 18 tickets are available for each of these shows.

Please be aware that our seating arrangements are strictly 8 people per table.