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King Arthur and his Knights

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spamalot King Arthur + 4 Knights final-0538

Photo courtesy John Dumble

Sheila Oliver – Sir Bedivere

THE SECRET STORY OF CINDERELLA AND HER FABULOUSLY FASHIONABLE FOOT WEAR [Harvest Rain] at QPAC in 2010 was Sheila’s first production after a 25 year hiatus.  She played the Queen, Prince Charming’s rather dotty mother!

PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK [Brisbane Arts] directed by Carol Burns followed.

In July 2016 Agatha Christie called so a brief interlude in Melbourne ensued! AND THEN THERE WERE NONE [Malvern Theatre Company]

ALICE IN WONDERLAND [Little Seed & Coolum Theatre], CINDERELLA [Noosa Arts], NIGHT MUST FALL & DECKCHAIRS [BATS] are just the beginning of theatrical life on the coast for this old chook!



Win Spamalot tickets and a D’licious hamper

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spamalot arthur hamper

King Arthur (Sean McDermott)


My Weekly Preview, together with Coolum Theatre Players, is giving one reader the chance to win a double pass to Spamalot the musical on Friday 24th November, plus this D’licious Gourmet Hamper, “a taste of the Sunshine Coast”, generously donated.



Be sure to pick up your free copy of the 27th October edition.  To enter, visit and click on the win tab.  Full terms and conditions are also available online.

Sir Lancelot and Sir Robin

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spamalot lancelot and robin



Liam Linane – Sir Lancelot

Liam has never performed on stage before but is truly relishing the chance to be able to get up and shine like the brilliant sun beam his mother always told him he was! Originally from Ballarat where he did all his schooling, Liam only moved to Coolum in February.  Seeing the Spamalot sign at the Coolum Bowls Club he decided to give auditions a shot.  The rest is history;  rise, Sir Lancelot.


Jesse Hana Ellison – Sir Robin the Brave (the not so brave at all!)

After completing years of study in dance, musical theatre, stand up comedy, stage and screen acting;  Jesse’s dream came true.  She was being paid to perform in pantomimes, comedies and musicals in and around Brisbane.  In 2008 she decided life wasn’t all about money, and she needed a sea change, so she moved to the Sunny Coast to be closer to her family.  Since joining her CTP family in 2009, she’s performed in “Cinderella”, “The Young Ones”, “Flying Feathers”, “The Great Pretenders Encore”, “Urinetown”, “Adrift in Macao”, “Sweet Charity”, “Stiff”, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, and most recently “Sylvia” a canine comedy. She has very bravely taken on the role of Sir Robin, the not so brave, and hopes you enjoy all the singin’, dancin’ & actin’, which happens (often, all at the same time)!

Lady of the Lake and Galahad

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spamalot Lady Galahad final_484604164PHOTO COURTESY JOHN DUMBLE

Adam Adra – Sir Galahad

After getting a C minus for his high school performance of Springtime for Hitler from the musical The Producers, Adam swore a solemn oath to redeem himself and perform in a Broadway musical.  Taking it one step at a time, Adam is making his theatrical debut at the Coolum Civic Centre in Çoolum Theatre Players production of Spamalot.  Excited to prove his year eleven music teacher wrong, he will be singing, dancing and acting all at once.  Look at me now Mr B!

Although ten years have passed, Adam has not forgotten.  He has travelled as far as London’s West End, and Buderim’s BATS Theatre to observe and learn the art of musical performance.  Let’s hope it translates into a worthy performance!


Michelle (Shelley) Hansen – The Lady of the Lake

Michelle is a local talent, born and raised on the Sunshine Coast.  She’s always had a passion for singing and made her theatre debut in 2012 in Coolum Theatre Players production of “Urinetown”, followed by “Sweet Charity” and “The Addams Family”. Other shows include “Side by Side by Sondheim” and “West Side Story” with Noosa Arts Theatre and “Blitz” with Caloundra Chorale and Theatre Company.  Michelle is excited to join the cast of “Spamalot” on their quest to find the grail and hopes that in keeping her eyes on the goal she will continue performing for years to come.

Putting the community in community theatre

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How wonderful is community theatre being able to call on other community theatre groups for assistance, especially when it comes to costumes.  Both Nancy Moule (BATS) and Merryl Tierney (Caloundra Chorale) have loaned us minstrels costumes, tabards etc.  There are many, many costume changes as cast (ensemble) play multiple  roles as laker girls (cheer squad), and the Knights who say Ni.  Matthew Flinders Anglican College have been absolutely generous in loaning the lead costumes from their recent production along with some scenery and a myriad of props.  Jenny Gilcrist (wardrobe mistress) pictured,  is indebted to 2 new (experienced) sewing ladies, Sue Hull and Heather Marsh, who have come on board to assist with the tabards, knights costumes, trimmings, etc.  Jenny has sewn, stuffed and spray painted 12 fish.  The production crew support is fabulous for this production!

King Arthur & Patsy

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spamalot arthur patsy

Photo Courtesy John Dumble

Sean McDermott – King Arthur

Sean discovered his love of musical theatre back in his teens. He also discovered the Monty Python films at that time and has been a fan ever since. So, when he discovered Coolum were auditioning for Spamalot, he jumped at the chance.   Sean first appeared at Coolum as Buttons in “Cinderella” in 2010 followed by Jimmy in “The Young Ones” (musical) a year later.  He’s had the good fortune to play leading roles in some of his favourite musicals –“Blood Brothers”, “Return To The Forbidden Planet” and “Mary Poppins”, all at Noosa Arts Theatre, and is delighted to be playing King Arthur, the proud monarch of England.

Femke Palmer – van derKallen – Patsy, King Arthur’s devoted manservant
Femke was born and raised in Eindhoven, Holland. From a young age she performed in many local theatre shows. She continued singing and dancing lessons throughout her childhood, directed children’s plays in her community and studied musical theatre. At 18, Femke left Holland to travel. Years passed and she ended up living here on the Coast with her Australian partner, now husband. She picked up her love of theatre again, performing in Noosa Arts “Side by Side by Sondheim” and as Nancy in “Oliver”, then an ancestor in Coolum’s “The Addams Family” last year.

Heath Maltman awarded life membership

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At the 2017 AGM, Heath Maltman was awarded Life Membership to Coolum Theatre Players by the Committee for his outstanding dedication in the technical department, spanning 10 years.

2017 AGM - Heath

In 2007 CTP were desperate to find a lighting person for an upcoming production and this 30 year old greens keeper came on board with enthusiasm.  He has dabbled with lighting desks, follow spots, smoke machines, strobe lights, sound desks, microphones, miles of leads and cables to ensure the cast in 200 shows over this period have shone on stage.   Over the years we’ve upgraded our equipment and he’s diligently learnt all these new digital techniques!  It was now his turn to be in the spotlight, even if for one night – seen above with re-elected President David Coleman

Eden Tregear, Sunshine Coast Theatre Fest Youth $1,000 Bursary Recipient

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Eden Tregear, Sunshine Coast Theatre Fest Youth $1,000 Bursary Recipient

2017 AGM - Eden Award

Pictured here with CTP President David Coleman @ the 2017 AGM

Eden first discovered acting at the age of 10 with Little Seed Theatre Company, and a life-long passion was born.  Her first performance was Gracious, in “Goodness Gracious”.  She has since performed in lead and minor roles in productions of “Peter Pan”, “Grease the musical”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Fantasists”, “Alice Dreaming”, “Jungle Book”, and more.   “Even having a minor role means you can play around and turn it into whatever you want”, she said.

In Eden’s recent comedic performance, of “Australian Drama”,  for which she was awarded CTP’s $1,000 Youth Bursary by Adjudicator Lucas Stibbard, she played the role of Helena, a foreigner on exchange. The things she most enjoys about acting is the rewarding reactions from the audience and the feeling you get once you’ve successfully completed a play.  Whether you’re the wicked, cheeky fairy or a confused foreign tourist, she loves to play around with any character.

Eden intends to put the bursary towards furthering her education in drama – possibly a course or workshop.